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Keynomics is simply the best tool to improve your Call Center or Transaction Processing Center. The Keynomics Performance System is the first fully integrated and all-encompassing Workforce Assessment, New Hire Training, and Retooling Program. Keynomics has proven success at enhancing keyboard skills with corresponding improvements in productivity and quality, as measured by our customers. Keynomics includes Ergonomic Awareness Training, Computer Screen Navigation Training, and Listening Skills Training, bringing together all of the elements necessary for any call center and transaction processing center team member to excel.

The Keynomics Performance System yields dramatic improvements in employee productivity and quality by empowering employees with the skills they need to perform at their peak providing for them the ability to do the job that you are asking them to do. Typical Keynomics results yield 5% - 10% productivity gains, and upwards to 18%. There is no other training program available today that empowers your team members to be more productive!

Companies see immediate and powerful improvements in work-related safety, productivity and quality, with a better ability to serve their customers.


Keynomics was founded in 1973 to improve corporate keyboarding skills. It was originally known as KeySoft.

Continual enhancements were made to the product, and in 1988 Keynomics developed a CICS software version of the program. A Windows version was developed in 1991.

By invitation, Keynomics became a member of the Office of Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC) in 1996 along with IBM, Microsoft, Steel Case, and Kensington. A co-marketing program was developed with Microsoft for Keynomics (KeySoft) and the Microsoft Natural Keyboard in 1997.

During 1998 a consulting partnership was developed with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. And in 1999, Keynomics was selected as an ergonomic tool within Liberty Mutual's Health and Safety Solutions annual.

Keynomics developed the first version of its ASP product in 2001. Based on the premise of creating permanent behavior changes, the Keynomics ASP learning system gave users for the first time, the necessary skills to concurrently "Talk, Type, Listen."

In 2004 a private investor group purchased Keynomics Corporation from IMSI, and Keynomics LLC was formed.

Version 3.5 of the KeySoft Performance System was released in January 2005.

While today, GUI interfaces and menu driven screens have improved productivity, there remains little or no effort spent on the first point of contact, which is the most important and expensive asset, the Contact Center Agent and administrative staff.

Keynomics has trained millions of corporate users on the Keynomics Performance System. Keynomics pioneered its unique training over 30 years ago, and has now come to blend technology, behavior modification, consulting services, and improved ergonomics into the Keynomics Performance System to increase productivity, and improve quality and customer service raising industry standards of companies around the world.

Corporate Headquarters

171 Main Street, # 214
Los Altos, CA 94022
Phone: 800 321 4574






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