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KeyAudio is the first course in the suite of advanced Audio modules, where participants establish the important skill of keying what they hear. KeyAudio greatly improves listening skills, resulting in more efficient and overall superior communications. KeyAudio has been proven to provide a decrease in Talk Time, Hold Time, AHT, and After Call Work. Customer Service is improved and the dependency on note pads and other manual, off-line note taking is reduced.


CallEmulator, requires agents to listen carefully to audio clips and respond by correctly inputting the pertinent information into data forms. CallEmulator employs Audio and Web Forms to accurately imitate the Customer Service/Contact Center environment. Here, your agents are learning to think, analyze and input—all the while, making their initial mistakes on the Keynomics system, not on yours!


CallReview is Keynomics’ state-of-the-art call handle training system. CallReview mimics the use of account recognition technology and existing account information that requires verification and correction by agents. The program leverages listening, keying and thinking skills with data review. CallReview is as real as it can get! The use of CallReview directly attacks AHT and improves first time call resolution; it also improves the overall customer experience.

Keynomics Flex

Keynomics Flex, the next step in the Keynomics program, offers additional exercises and continued training for the entire suite of Keynomics modules. Approximately six months after the completion of the Advanced Training Modules, once participants have been able to put their skills to use on the job, Keynomics Flex is administered to participants to further enhance keyboard, listening, and cognitive thinking skills. Your agents are supported throughout the entire training lifecycle, with Keynomics Flex extending the program into live production.


Keynomics, the company that has established itself as the leader in state-of-the-art call handle training, continues to improve its web-based performance system with its newest product, CallEmulator-by-Design. In Keynomics’ CallEmulator module, participants listen to audio cues and input pertinent data, simulating the Customer Service/Contract Center environment. Built on the methodology of CallEmulator, requiring your agents to think, analyze and input, By-Design takes this approach to the most realistic form possible. CallEmulator-by-Design uses YOUR COMPANY’S data fields to train YOUR AGENTS. CallEmulator-by-Design is wholly customizable. Exercises include authentic data and text fields that your employees utilize on a daily basis. Customer IDs, number strings, dollar values, or subscriber IDs are some of the many potential possibilities. With up to ten custom exercises containing two tabs each, and up to ten custom fields of entry, CallEmulator-by-Design allows you to accurately replicate your industry setting. The results and improvements with CallEmulator-by-Design will provide you with the most accurate appraisal of your contact center workforce.