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Keynomics KeyTraining

Keynomics training begins with the 1st phase of KeyTraining—Construction. As the keyboard is gradually covered, the participants learn to key transparently. By eliminating the “hunt and peck” method of keying, we eliminate the need to look at the keyboard. Then, in the 2nd phase of KeyTraining—Consolidation, the exercises further enhance keyboard speed and accuracy by reinforcing transparency. The program is customized to each participant, emphasizing the area of greatest need. Keynomics typically sees a 10 - 20% gain in keyboard speed and a 60 - 100% improvement in keystroke accuracy!


ErgoAware simply improves morale in the workplace and ensures your agents are healthy and productive!

ErgoAware focuses on removing the habits that contribute to lower productivity, and does so without the purchase of any additional ergonomic products. Repetitive stress injuries and other potential long-term problems can be eliminated through our workstation visits. It is during these on-site visits where we typically identify four to six negative ergonomic habits for each participant. By correcting these harmful practices, ErgoAware positively impacts not only your agents’ efficiency, but also their quality of life at work.