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TopTalent For New Hires:

Recruitment and retention of team members is a major challenge facing any company’s management, but especially in the contact center industry. By assessing candidates prior to hiring for core competencies including keyboard efficiency, keyboard navigation, audio skills and cognitive thinking, TopTalent assures leading Contract Centers, Call Centers, Remittance Handling Centers, and Transaction Processing Centers that they are bringing the right people into their team who have the skill base they need to be successful.

TopTalent For Your Current Team:

Despite the fact that up to 70% of call center operation costs are directly associated with personnel, most customer service centers do not accurately recognize their employees’ skill base, and therefore, cannot develop their abilities to handle necessary tasks as efficiently as possible. The improvement of their proficiencies directly increases a company’s productivity, but how does one determine and target the areas that need to be improved? TopTalent identifies each individual’s skill base and allows management to utilize the information to develop its team. TopTalent takes the guesswork out of training and offers the opportunity for productivity gain in the range of 5% to 10%.

TopTalent Saves Money While Empowering Your Team

If your employees are more efficient, they will feel more confident. With more efficient employees, your company will save money and be more productive. One Keynomics customer claims their company saves $125,000 per year by using TopTalent. This company now uses TopTalent to help ensure they are recruiting the right team members. They have also integrated the Keynomics Performance System into their New Hire training curriculum. Now they see lower turnover during and post New Hire training, as well as a more highly skilled workforce.

  • TopTalent is the industry’s first fully integrated comprehensive assessment solution.
  • TopTalent offers seamless integration into Keynomics training modules that improves keyboard efficiency, listening skills, and cognitive thinking.
  • TopTalent offers a preview for candidates into real world call center requirements and a preview for the company of how a candidate might perform on the call center floor.
  • TopTalent can improve retention of new employees through the new-hire training program.
  • TopTalent requires no IT setup – it requires only the Internet and a PC

What Does Keynomics TopTalent Assess?

  • Keyboard Strength (for Alpha, Top Line, and 10 Key Numeric)
  • Keyboard Navigation (screen navigation using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts)
  • Listening Skills (keying what is heard)
  • Behavioral Analytic Skills (making decisions based on voice prompts)

TopTalent is easy to administer. Just pick and choose the assessment pieces that are the most important to you. Depending on the assessments chosen, TopTalent takes anywhere from 10 – 15 minutes to complete. When finished, two reports are generated – the Keynomics Skills Ranking Report and the Keynomics BestROI Report.

  • The Keynomics Skills Ranking Report is a sequential listing of how your team performs.
  • The Keynomics BestROI Report aligns where the best ROI will come from based on the skill base of the team. It shows you where to spend the resources to get the best return. TopTalent implicates all of the skills necessary for today’s contact center team members.

How Does TopTalent Work?

  • Individuals being assessed using Keynomics TopTalent receive keying samples from text that will test their proficiencies on the alpha keys, top-line keypad and 10key pad in order to determine where a team member can improve.
  • Those team members that are being assessed listen to audio clips in real-world scenarios that look into their abilities to type, talk and listen while navigating through screens.
  • The Keynomics reporting system has Enterprise strength and spawns reports by individual and by department/division.
  • TopTalent can be performed for new hires or existing staff.

All of the Keynomics TopTalent assessment features listed are available TODAY and are in use by the leading Call Centers, Contact Centers, Transaction Processing Centers, and Remittance Handling Centers throughout the United States.

Contact Keynomics at to learn more.